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Let me start here...

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Let me start by saying this is my first blog ever as it is a lot easier for me to show you what we do than tell you about it, but we get these questions a lot from people that are trying to find out a little more about us and our products.

It has been a long journey of learning what we are capable of constructing and letting our imaginations along with our hands take the lead,  not letting trends or fads take control of what we like and get inspiration from and building custom, one of a kind pieces that are unique and completely our own. 

Inspiration has come from many different sources but mainly music, my husband and partner in this business is a musician with many talents. Having a passion for beautiful guitars we have come up with our Guitar Display Cases that many people love. Luckily we have been able to incorporate our two loves and make something beautiful, useful and very unique. 

We love making art and having the ability of turning a piece of wood into a beautiful piece but most important we love making functional art. Most people have the need for new art to decorate their bare walls, to bring a pop of color or bring their style or passion into a room. We want to focus on is bringing passion, style, functionality and color into the right piece for everyone out there that likes our style and what we do and gets an advantage of having functional pieces that decorate their spaces.

Our pieces will always stay true to what we like but will continue to change and only get better as we evolve as artist. There is always new inspiration out there for us to grab and turn it into a new piece whether is a painting, a mirror, furniture or guitar display case, this is why we love what we do and every day we use our minds along with our hands to create is a successful day :)

As we grow and learn I will try to put it into words to take you along on our journey. 

There is never a boring day, always inspired, always able...



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